iPhone Repair

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The Fixer Upper

We have provided customers with convenient and comprehensive service for all their repair needs. We are committed to helping make your life easier. Our iPhone Repair is here when you need them most. Call us / Contact us today and find out more.

We can fix any from the following parts in your phone and get it back up and running:

  • Screen
  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Charging Port
  • Speakers
  • And Many More…

If it can be replaced or fix in the iPhone you can count on us to get that issue solved for you.

We Know how important everyone’s phone is these days from general calls to managing and running your business on them, so we will fix any iPhone within an hour as simple as that. If we take longer than an hour then we will happily discount the cost to help show that we have no issue losing money to give customers the best service as possible.

Our Diagnosis Fee on iPhones is £15.

Diagnosis fee is if you are not 100% sure we can come to you and check over the phones issues properly and give you a full report on what is wrong and the cost of repair. Diagnosis fee will not be on top of the repair if you accept a repair, so you will not pay for anything but the repair so the diagnosis ends up becoming free with the repair if you accept to get it fixed for the quote.

Below is the T’s and C’s that you agree to when you book in your iPhone in for a repair with AR Repair.

Battery Replacement Screen Replacement
iPhone 5 / 6 / 6s: £40
iPhone 6+ / 6s+:£40
iPhone 7/8: £40
iPhone 7+ / 8+: £40
iPhone X / XS / XR: £60
iPhone Xs Max: £65
iPhone 11 onwards: £60
iPhone 5 / 6 / 6s: £55
iPhone 6+ / 6s+:£75
iPhone 7/8: £70
iPhone 7+ / 8+: £90
iPhone X / XS / XR: £120
iPhone Xs Max: £200
iPhone 11: £140
iPhone 11Pro: £240
iPhone 11 Max / Pro Max: £260
Newer iPhones (11 onwards) due to IOS update WILL NOT have battery health + Screen Warning