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We are a highly affordable and reliable, Apple specialist repair business. We’ve been customers and noticed that the quality and reliability is hard to come by. So, we dedicated ourselves to supply the best quality of parts and provide parts with our labour at an affordable price. Our passion and ability for fixing what’s broken, from a broken screen to a liquid damaged Logic Board has brought us to the forefront of the repair industry.

Our results have kept us there which is backed up by our amazing customer reviews.

We commit on coming to you, book us in your time whether you’re in the office or at home we come to you. 




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We know the stress and annoyance it causes to wait days or weeks without your device. We come to you, which shows that most of the repairs can be done within the day with our parts being ordered next day delivery *Monday – Thursday* to help get your device back up and running as fast as you need it back. 

Our customers are who we dedicate our hard work, and high standard of customer service to. We put customer first and we give advice and thoughts as if we were in their shoes. Our customers as seen in our reviews all over from bark.com, yell.com and google will show how much our customers have appreciated us back.

As we come to you you will be around your device at all times. This is so you will able to see how long we take, and how it is repaired from distance. This is so we can keep our Technicians safe and you safe from being electrocuted. We obey the Data Protection Act and Copy Right laws

Anything you need AR Repair is here for you.

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