About Us


Who We Are & What We Do

We started AR Repairs in 2017, and have been providing high quality repair services for customers in the the South East London area. When possible, we use original parts in our repairs. We’re driven by our dedication to be the best Computer Repair Service in the area, and know our customers feel the difference.

We specialise in Apple repairs as these are highly expensive laptops and work really well but are a nightmare when things go wrong.

We can’t help but smile with pride every time someone picks up their newly repaired item – it means we’ve done our job right. With our extremely skilled and highly trained technicians who have over 7 years each in the repair industry, you walk away with confidence and happy with the repair of your device. We work day in day out to provide high customer service, making sure each customer is treated with the best custom.

We’ve been customers ourselves and we noticed that some business quality could be improved or was not covering customers as much as they could. So, we searched for the best supplier of parts on the market and use their parts and put labour at an affordable price.

We provide up to 6 month warranty on our repairs.

Check our Repair pages you will find a link to our agreements for each repair. We will happily take any questions of concern you may have after reading it. A copy can be emailed as you will be required to sign it on the member of staff arrival to do the repair.

Any deposits WILL NOT be refundable on a cancellation as parts are purchased straight away as soon as a booking is made. This is so we can quickly get the part in to do the repair as quick as possible.